• Le CIG
    Consorzio Intrasecur Group has been working nationally in the most complex areas of security services for years. In January 2017, the company directly employed a staff of over 250, as well as collaborators, consultants, partners and associates. Capitalising on the decades of experience of its members,...
  • Target
    In a market that increasingly looks to outsource its services, our company represents a solid, complete and single partner when it comes to providing all types of services to protect company assets, staff and, within the sphere of shows, occasions, and events that are open to...
  • Associates
    Consorzio Intrasecur Group has a team of professionals and partners, all of which are leaders in their own spheres. We are able to provide solutions that add value to your company and meet the specific needs of all of our customers. Through its Associates, Consorzio Intrasecur Group is...
    • 1. Commerce:
      • Shopping malls
      • Large-scale retail chains and specialist stores
      • High fashion boutiques and stores
      • Hotel facilities
    • 2. Other fields:
      • Building sites
      • Residential centres
      • Medical center
      • Business agencies
    • 3. Events:
      • Production of large-scale events and sporting events
      • Discos
      • Trade fairs
      • Clubs