Customers and Partners

To date there are many companies that have placed their trust in us, and with which we have been able to establish relations based on synergies and partnerships that go much further than the classical Client/Supplier relationship. Constant on-the-spot presence with Account Managers working alongside owners, in sales management and customer care make Consorzio Intrasecur Group a company that as well as providing a strictly security-based monitoring service, is also able to carry out the delicate job of observing the dynamics on site, i.e. supplying consultancy and assistance to management, while guaranteeing compliance with asset protection procedures.

The important customers who have placed their faith in our work include:



Our values

Today, Consorzio Intrasecur Group is one of the main stakeholders on the asset and rights protection market, where it enjoys the trust of important businesses and individuals.

The sudden growth of our structure is due to the core values at the root of our organisation, which give it such a positive standing on the marketplace, such as:

Respect for these values, combined with our daily commitment to bringing excellence to every area of what we do:

  • Ethical management of the Customer/Supplier relationship
  • Constant seeking of excellence in our staff
  • Team building activities and HR motivational activities
  • Use of employees only
  • Attention to company image and customer care
  • Presence and assistance all over Italy
  • Use of products and equipment of absolute quality