Business Investigations

The monitoring of inventory shortfalls is a section in which the investigative division of Consorzio Intrasecur Group specialises. Qualified, specially selected staff members are employed to provide investigative services within company facilities, sales areas, warehouse/storage facilities, and along the supply line of the goods.

The service is provided by plain clothes operatives who simulate the routine activities of a normal customer. The ability of our store detectives to blend in seamlessly means that they will pass unnoticed by criminals and normal customers, allowing them to notice fraudulent occurrences, damage or thefts that may occur in the sales area on a daily basis.


These events will be promptly made known to the store staff to allow them to apprehend the persons responsible and proceed to recover goods, receive payment for the damage or to report it to the police.

The main aim of the service is to collect information and prevent shortfalls caused by theft or fraud that will lead to significant inventory differences, causing serious damage to company assets. Surveillance in a store environment may be requested by the business owner, legal representative or special attorneys with delegated powers to this end.

These surveillance activities aim to identify and certify the causes, including at accounting level, of the shortfalls and differences in inventory in the commercial sector, including by collecting information gathered directly at the customer’s premises.