Protection and Safeguarding


The protection and safeguarding division of Consorzio Intrasecur Group can count on the twenty-year experience of operators from institutional sectors who personally train the close-protection agents used.

The division works all-round to guarantee personal assistance to customers with specific security needs, diversifying the different types of service according to risk assessment with regard to specific customer requirements.

Consorzio Intrasecur Group is a business operating nationally and internationally, able to cover and offer Security at different levels. Protection, mainly required for high-finance officers and VIPs with specific security and full assistance needs, is to be considered the branch that we treat with the most meticulous attention to detail of the whole division.

The aim of the service is to provide protection and safety at global levels, with the utmost compliance with the necessary security parameters, assessing and planning the most suitable formula with the customers, in a manner that is the least invasive when it comes to privacy and everyday life. A trusted driver, a professional figure with certificates for fast and safe driving, completes the range of services provided by the division.