Fiscal Management


Based on the many years of experience of its own in-house collaborators, who specialise in the field of business consultancy, Consorzio Intrasecur Group is able to offer wide-ranging consultancy services for accounting, administration, tax and corporate areas.

The success and effectiveness of this division of Intrasecur Group are the result of the top-level expertise of the professionals who work in it. This is a team in which every collaborator is a point of reference for the others, and the skills of each are enhanced by their mutual exchanges of experiences in the field.

As in any other division of Consorzio Intrasecur Group, thorough internal training programmes guarantee the constant growth of collaborators at the firm, allowing them to provide timely, efficient answers to a wide range of customer needs.

The Accounting Division of Consorzio Intrasecur Group has the potential to consolidate and develop its market position through constant growth and the quality of its services.


Accounting consultancy and assistance

  • Accounting and VAT reimbursement for partnerships and limited companies;
  • Accounting and VAT reimbursement for self-employed, small businesses and traders.


Accounting consultancy and assistance

  • Tax returns;
  • Single return
  • Tax form 730;
  • VAT return;
  • Tax form 770;
  • Council tax declaration;
  • Calendar of fiscal deadlines;
  • ISTAT updates;
  • Sector studies.


Contract consultancy and assistance

  • Drawing up, recording and updating rental, commercial and residential contracts.


Business consultancy and assistance

    • Articles of incorporation for companies, extraordinary operations (mergers, demergers, winding up and sale of companies);
    • Drawing up and assistance for stock transfers;
    • Assistance in drawing up annual financial statements.


Employment consultancy

  • Drawing up of accounts for different remunerations, compensation, revaluation and interests on behalf of individuals, businesses and legal firms;
  • Individual pension analysis and development of a pension plan;
  • Employment dispute management;
  • Consultancy for individual and collective redundancies;
  • Conditions concerning mandatory placement;
  • Management of problems concerning employment relations and specifically, of a disciplinary nature;
  • Consultancy for the certification of employment contracts (to be signed before the competent bodies);
  • Consultancy studies regarding the best types of contract.