Consorzio Intrasecur Group places the satisfaction of its employees and collaborators at the heart of its aims; their satisfaction is the focus on which achieving the company’s core business depends. As well as its managers, the group can also count on collaborators who have been fully trained to perform specific delicate tasks in their field of expertise.

A “Security man”, for us is a dynamic person with integrity, qualities; a person who, when accompanied by elegance and professionalism that are above standard, is a multi-faceted resource, able to act with a sense of responsibility in the changing and unforeseen situations that may arise on the job. The subject, in a uniform or plain clothes, is aware of representing not only Consorzio Intrasecur Group, but also the image of the customer and therefore, knowing the guidelines of this latter together with security procedures, will be able to intervene with tact and delicacy, while maintaining a firm respect of standards to protect company assets and the internal order of the store/event.

Our management

Thanks to continuous training, our staff and management - whether they work in operative or strategic areas, are highly prepared and able to deal with any scenario that the Customer proposes. Based on several decades of experience in the field, some from previous careers in the police force, security institutes and events companies; the management all signify efficiency and reliability.

Internal Auditing

With a careful eye on continued professional growth, Consorzio Intrasecur Group implements a policy of customer consolidation and loyalty boosting. The measure the degree of customer satisfaction, we have set up the position of Account manager, whose job it is to maintain a high degree of attention to and self-audit the service, in order to identify possible areas of improvement or corrections, as well as measuring the degree of customer satisfaction. The self-auditing policy involves training sessions and constant inspections of staff and sites, giving Consorzio Intrasecur Group a global vision of how work is progressing and of the productivity of its resources.